Pets Also Want Savings (PAWS)

As you can tell, we’re pet friendly around here. But they can often cause a large dent in our pockets with the high cost of food, vet bills and insurance, toys and accessories. We’ll definitely post pet friendly savings, events and info available for all you PAW Parents.

  • A new product is currently being reviewed by our beloved mascot and it’s co-owned by one of our favorite talk show hosts, Ellen Degeneres. HALO Purely for Pets features an entire line dedicated to natural/holistic dog and cat products. Their line includes foods, treats, supplements and grooming supplies.
  • For those locally, Wake County Government has set their Spring 2010 Rabies Microchip Clinics.
    • Rabies vaccines are $5.
    • Microchips are $10.
    • All pets must be restrained on either a leash or carrier. This is for the safety of you and your pet.
    • For a 3-year vaccine, you must bring written proof of previous vaccination; tags alone will not be accepted.
    • We accept cash and checks only.

We’ll be taking our cock-a-poo to be microchiped for less than it would cost us at our vet.

Hope you enjoyed our first PAWS posting. We look forward to providing more as available.


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