PAWS: My Boneyard at Harris Teeter

Saw this posting on Savvy Dollar by member krtvstar about a new program at Harris Teeter called My Boneyard where you can recycle your old electronic devices. Please view the postings here from the Savvy Dollar forum post and register to add your own input on the program.

MyBoneYard® was created to help people like you recycle electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops in a smart, responsible and eco-friendly way. ScrapsterTM our mascot ensures the Simple, Safe and Smart way to recycle your old electronics.
MyBoneYard® brings together leading electronics product asset recovery and recycling capabilities so you can be assured that your personal information will be permanently deleted and your electronic products will be handled in the most ecologically friendly manner.
Whether you’re getting rid of an old cell phone or computer, by recycling with MyBoneYard®.com you’ll find we provide:
  • • A safe and best-in-class environmental recycling solution exceeding all state legislative requirements.
  • • Guaranteed content removal of all personal information. 
  • • World-class customer service and project management.
  • • An eco-friendly option to simply throwing your electronics in the trash.


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