DEAL: Pepsi Products

As you know, there is Super Doubles and also a good sale on Pepsi products at Harris Teeter this week. You buy two 12-pk fridge packs and get three free. BUT what is even better is that certain flavors have a $1 off sticker on them. These include Sunkist, Hawaiian Punch and Squirt in regular or diet flavors.

I purchased Pepsi, Sunkist, Hawaiian Punch, Squirt, and a new Mt. Dew flavor called Typhoon. They each rang up at $5.99 and then there was three deductions of the $5.99 plus $3 in coupons (no doubling as stated on the Q’s). So I ended up getting 5 12-pks of Pepsi products for an out of pocket total of $9.91!

It’s a great deal for Pepsi drinkers and remember you can mix and match any of their products such as Root Beer and Sierra Mist – this one had a coupon to buy two and get $1off. Don’t forget your Vic card!



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