PAWS: Pet Supplies "Plus"

On Monday I was left home because of all the rain. But those people I take care of came home with a big bag full of surprises for me. I got to try out some new foods from Pet Supplies “Plus”. I like to go to this store because they have noms like meaty bones, pig ears and rawhides down on a low shelf. I usually get in trouble because us pups can sniff out and lick for a quick sample when no one is looking. Now mostly when they take me I have to get in some kind of fake car that you push and not drive.

There were these little pieces of papers that I heard them call coupons or “drop it” when i run off with them. Apparently they get me all the good food and treats that I get to enjoy. Here’s how much I heard them talking about what they saved.  

(8) Pro Plan cans were priced at $1.43 each minus four BOGO coupons
(1) Chef Michaels Dry food 4.5lb bag was priced at $4.48 minus one $3 off Qpon
This made it eight cans of different flavored meals and one bag of filet mignon flavored Chef Michaels for only $8.43 out of pocket and that’s not included the other three sample food packs they gave out just for shopping. We always get a great deal there. They now even sell bakery items for us PAWS!

Anyway, I thought I’d share all the wonderful goodies they brought back to make up for me having to be home alone on a pet store trip. Something about me smelling like a wet dog makes them mad. Hope you get to go visit the store with your pets too.


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  1. PAWSaBB
    May 27, 2010 @ 18:58:02

    I wonder if I can have a new treat for the holiday weekend? Please?nom, nom, nom, nom, noms!


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