Savings: Carolina Auto Spa – Cary

– $10 off $28 Wash this weekend….town of cary made me do it
– Did you know about this great benefit….
– I’m going out of town, keep an eye on the boys (and girls) for me

Loyal Customers, 
So the town decides to rip apart Maynard Road on this CAR WASH BEAUTIFUL weekend.  Well never one to be kept down by the government’s ongoing stuff…I am running a HUGE promo – $10 off our top car wash.   Bring this email in and my team will give you $10 off our top selling $28 wash through Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

Did you know  we offer a SEVEN (count them 1, 2, 3…you get the message) day rewash on all services over $20.  Buy a wash of more than $20 in retail value and come back within a week for a complimentary $5 express wash – no questions asked.  So don’t worry about the construction, dust, beach bugs, etc.   Come in now for a great wash.  Keep your receipt or our tracking system will recognize you as a loyal and frequent customer!  Easy as pie
I am going to DC to visit some family and take my kids to the museums.  While I am out of town enjoying the captial of the greatest nation on earth on this great holiday weekend, I need you to help me make sure the mice are working….not playing
Send ME a Secret shopper report…..I will pay you $5 in car wash bucks to use anyway you want (on a gift card sent to your house) if you send me an email with how my guys are doing this weekend.  
So send me an email with how good the service was (greeting, did they try to sell you anything, how did the store look, was the bathroom clean, how long did the wash take, how’d we do overall).   Rate us 1-5.  5 is awesome I’m telling my friends about you and 1 is “you suck” and I’m telling my friends about you.  Also, tell me if there is anything you’d like us to change/improve/etc.
...last time I did this you rated us a 4.23…not bad, but could be better.  The management team has a nice bonus on the line for beating this score this weekend so be fair but hard….I have my money on the line and my kids need to eat!


New Summer Hours!
These are NOW in effect…
Carolina Auto Spa – 1370 NW Maynard Road, Cary.
Monday – Saturday 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM

Carolina Express Car Wash – 900 East Williams Street, Apex.Monday – Saturday 8 AM – 7 PM, Sunday 9 AM – 6 PM.
New more convenient hours for you our GREAT customers!   

  Make 2010 Your Best Year Ever!
  Karl's Pic.png
Karl Murphy, Owner, Carolina Auto Spa, Express Car Wash
cell: 919-428-4459
Carolina Auto Spa – Cary: 1370 NW Maynard Road, Cary
Store phone: 919-468-4277
manager cell: 919-972-1151

Express Car Wash – Apex:900 East Williams Street, (Hwy 55) Apex
Store phone: 919-362-1840
manager cell: 919-972-1152

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