Meal Deal Monday: Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has a promotion that they do where you can purchase an entire meal for usually under $10. The first one I did was back in June with the Rosina Meatballs special. How it works is that you purchase “x” number of items and get “x” number of items free to make a complete meal.

In June I participated in the Meal Deal by purchasing and receiving:

  • Buy 32oz Rosina Meatballs
  • Get Free…
    • 13oz Celentano cheese Ravioli
    • 24oz Newman’s own pasta sauce
    • 11oz Pepperidge Farms Garlic Texas Toast
    • one 2 liter Pepsi product
  • Total cost was $7.75 which saved at least $10.42 before taxes

This week I choose to purchase the breakfast special:

  • Buy 12oz Hormel Bacon and 12oz Johnsonville breakfast links
  • Get free…
    • 1 dz HT Grade A large eggs
    • 1/2 gallon HT premium orange juice
    • 20oz Simply Potatoes hash browns
    • 6ct HT english muffins
  • Total cost was 8.99 saving at least $8.26 before taxes…but then there were coupons!
    • On the Hormel bacon was coupon for .40 off Pillsbury grands biscuits.
      • they were on sale some $2 for two and some $2 for four
      • there was a “blinkie coupon” to get .75 off of three
      • there was a in store “penquin coupon” for the simply potatoes $1 off two
    • that brought my total cost with taxes to only $13.34


    • I recently purchased a newspaper subscription and received a $10 HT card
    • I transferred a prescription to HT and got $20 added to my vic card

I would say this turned out to be a great combination of watching your budget by participating in couponing, promotions and sales at places you were going to shop anyway. Thanks to the great staff at the 1151 Tryon Village Drive location for their customer service each time I shop. They know me almost by name now! But they always make sure their customers get all the qualifying purchases, and in this case mine today were FREE!


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