Taking Stock: Support our Troops with Coupons

This post courtesy of the blog of N&O retail reporter suestock

Here’s a topic that comes up every now and then, but I thought it was worth revisiting. If you feel bad throwing out your expired coupons, you can actually send them to members of the military stationed overseas. Those families can use coupons at the base commissaries up to six months after their expiration date. If you want to really maximize your money, get a group of friends, co-workers or neighbors on board and fill up one of those flat-rate boxes from the post office.
There is a lot of good information about what to send and how to send it here: http://www.couponstotroops.com/
And, if you don’t know anyone in the military, you can always send your coupons to the Overseas Coupon Program.
Finally, I want to give a shout out to a local nonprofit called the Back Home Box Foundation, which sends boxes of items to soldiers overseas. The items range from the practical (shower shoes and shampoo) to comforts from home (EasyMac and hot sauce). But with coupons making so many of those items free or close to free, consider saving up some items for Back Home Box as well. They are currently located in the old Swoozie’s store at Cameron Village (Raleigh,NC).  

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