This Month Nationally: OCTOBER Edition

The following are recognized nationally for October…

  1. Disability Employment Awareness Month
  2. National Pizza Month
  3. National Pasta Month
  4. National Dessert Month
  5. Country Music Month
  6. Family History Month
  7. Hispanic Heritage Month
  8. National AIDS Awareness Month
  9. National Book Fair Month
  10. Gourmet Adventures Month
  11. National Car Care Month
  12. National Pretzel Month
  13. National Pickled Peppers Month
  14. Vegetarian Awareness Month
  15. National Seafood Month
  16. National Cosmetology Month
  17. National Apple Month
  18. National Depression Education and Awareness Month
  19. Polish American Heritage Month
  20. National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month
  21. National Popcorn Poppin’ Month
  22. Computer Learning Month
  23. National Stamp Collecting Month
  24. National Applejack Month
  25. Cook Book Month
  26. Gourmet Adventures Month
  27. Hunger Awareness Month
  28. National Caramel Month
  29. National Cookie Month
  30. National Country Ham Month
  31. National Health Care Food Service Month
  32. National Kitchen and Bath Month
  33. National Pork Month
  34. National Restaurant Hospitality Month
  35. National Roller Skating Month
  36. National Spinach-Lovers’ Month
  37. National Toilet Tank Repair Month

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