New Couponing Methods

Have you started to load coupons onto your shopper’s cards? This saves time by not having to clip and file your coupons – they’re already automatically loaded for your use! Just register your cards at these websites:

There are also other new sources for snagging great coupons. Long gone are the days when you could only rely on the Sunday circulars for savings. You can now access coupons through a variety of sources:

  • Visit the coupon kiosks at such stores as CVS Pharmacy or Food Lion or Marsh supermarkets. Scan your card and a stream of coupons are yours within seconds. 
  • Sign up for text message deals such as with Target. To register just text COUPONS to 827438. Or go to and click on MOBILE.
  • Use store generated paperless offers like at Sams Club. If you visit you can acess your eValues account and find deals that are linked to your membership cards past purchases.
  • Go to a manufacturers website directly, especially for items that you purchase often. Your favorite product may just have a coupon or other promotions going on for their many brands.  

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