5 Free Mobile Apps That Save Money

You can download five free Apps to save on groceries, toys, meals, and more. check out the mobile apps article from Three Jars Daily Newsletter

Financial Savvy Site for Kids

A new website, ThreeJars.comenables children to learn how to earn, track and use their own money online. Children may divvy up their money into three categories, or “jars” — save, spend and share. They decide how much to store, spend and donate to charity. The site requires a yearly fee of $30 per family.

Parents set the allowance limit with each child, and on allowance payday, add money to the online total. The site tracks how much is owed and what has been paid. The site offers savings options such as “parent” bonds and certificates of deposit. With parents’ approval, children withdraw cash from their personal ATM or buy gift cards from 30 select retailers. And children direct points that they earn to causes they select.

People may also register for a free daily e-mail with financial tips atThreeJars.com. This info was reported by….

-Sandra Guy- Chicago Sun Times

Avoid Unwanted Cell Phone Charges

Check out this informative article from WalletPop

Are Credit Card Rewards Worth It?

A lot of credit cards offer a rewards program now. Some allow you to earn points to be redeemed on merchandise, others offer cash back. But are these rewards really worth it? Read this article and determine for yourself.

Free Book: Well-Being or Retirement For Dummies

What is REAL Powered by Humana?  With a unique focus on all aspects of your life, REAL represents the path to a healthier you. And it starts right here. Order your free FOR DUMMIES book on Retirement or Well-Being here ===> http://www.realforme.com/register.

10 Things You’ll be Paying More for – SOON

10 Things you’ll be paying more for soon A great read on items that are on the rise. Included in this list are Gold, House prices, Postage and even Miami Heat tickets – lol.

Postage was listed in the article above, but perhaps it’s a little too soon as we now find out that the postal hike was rejected.

The above articles were posted over at AOL’s Wallet Pop.


Here are some great articles from Mainstreet.com  for your reading pleasure!

The Best Digital Gift Cards Deciding where to buy your holiday gift cards this year? According to RSR Research, your best bets are Home Depot, CVS or Amazon.com.

The 20 Worst Charities in America A favorite saying in business is that you have to spend money to make money. Charitable organizations, on the other hand, have to spend money to give money, and it turns out that some are woefully inefficient at channeling donations to the people they’re supposed to help.

New Options for Seniors Health Care Costs  Seniors with high drug costs will soon have more options to help them cope with Medicare’s prescription coverage gap.

4 Ways to Avoid Coupon Rip-Offs Are you getting ripped off when you’re looking to save? Take charge with these easy steps.

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