TIPS: Save on Grocery Shopping

Want tips on how to save money on your grocery shopping trips? Use this shopping guide and tips to find hidden deals at the grocery store so you’ll get more for less. Courtesy of All You Magazine’s top 15 list. You’ll get all types of How To’s from this compilation!

DEALS: Common Sense Grocers Sales

Common Sense Grocers has listed a ton of new bargains and savings available at their store this week. Visit their facebook page for updates on sales on everything from cosmetics to medicines, to pet foods and more! You can also follow them on twitter @CCGrocers

PAWS: My Boneyard at Harris Teeter

Saw this posting on Savvy Dollar by member krtvstar about a new program at Harris Teeter called My Boneyard where you can recycle your old electronic devices. Please view the postings here from the Savvy Dollar forum post and register to add your own input on the program.

MyBoneYard® was created to help people like you recycle electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops in a smart, responsible and eco-friendly way. ScrapsterTM our mascot ensures the Simple, Safe and Smart way to recycle your old electronics.
MyBoneYard® brings together leading electronics product asset recovery and recycling capabilities so you can be assured that your personal information will be permanently deleted and your electronic products will be handled in the most ecologically friendly manner.
Whether you’re getting rid of an old cell phone or computer, by recycling with MyBoneYard®.com you’ll find we provide:
  • • A safe and best-in-class environmental recycling solution exceeding all state legislative requirements.
  • • Guaranteed content removal of all personal information. 
  • • World-class customer service and project management.
  • • An eco-friendly option to simply throwing your electronics in the trash.

Impromptu Party? No Problem Part 2

Now for our 12 step approach to smart shopping. Here are the tricks, tips and details details on how we pulled off an impromptu party spread.
  1. Grilling was already planned and food was thawing, we just pulled out what was on hand 
  2. We had a box shrimp and a quart freezer bag of catfish nuggets stocked from a previous fish dinner
  3. The hush puppies, fries and shrimp were purchased when we caught a BOGO sale
  4. Hot dogs and bread can be found on in-store markdowns frequently so it’s a staple for us  
  5. We save money buying items we use often in bulk from membership club Sam’s
  6. We referred to both the running lists in our minds and on a paper inventory list
  7. Our inventory was recently updated due to the previous week’s triple coupon event 
  8. Almost all our grocery shopping is done using coupons, some club’s like BJ’s even accepts them
  9. We always use store savings cards or shop at discount grocers like Common Cents Integrity Grocers that don’t have cards or take coupons
  10. 95% of our meats are already prepped i.e., cleaned/seasoned/labeled in freezer bags for future meals
  11. With the meat only needing to unthaw before cooking, it was a big time saver
  12. Items we didn’t have and would have needed to make a store run were being brought by our guests 

Actrually, by leaving out the details in the example above we can really narrow it down to Four simple steps: Pull it, thaw it, cook it, and share it! We didn’t do anything special, just used what we had to save save both time and money.  We were able to enjoy dinner and our company without being worried about not having enough!

    Once you master these skills and incorporate your own, you’ll be proud of yourself for being a smart bargain shopper. Now…what day are we invited for your next last minute party? Mail all free e-vites to us at  

    Impromptu Party? No Problem!

    How do you pull together a last minute party within minutes? By being a smart shopper and having a stocked freezer and pantry full of items you caught on a great sales earlier. It makes having unexpected, but welcomed guests no problem at all.

    Over the weekend we wanted to cook dinner outside since it was such a hot day. Who wants to be stuck in a steamy kitchen with all that heat? Upon hearing this, a friend said “got enough for me?”. Well, one thing Southerners always have is enough for any and every body that wants it! You don’t need any reason to have a party, all you need are The Four F’s: family, friends, food and fun. Within a blink our Saturday night dinner for three turned into a game playing party of seven – or rather eight counting the little begging dog!

    Off to the freezer to pull out angus burgers from Sam’s club, hot dogs, sandwich buns, chicken legs, wings,  ground beef, and drummette portions for hot wings. We had a few items that were down to one or two servings -may as well get them. Waste not, want not.  Bring on popcorn shrimp, catfish nuggets, fries, and hush puppies – only 2 nuggets per person, sorry! Then just a quick grab of condiments, breaders, seasonings, oils, paper goods and a can of baked beans from the pantry and it’s starting to look like planned event!

    Since we were a low on hot dog buns and sweet tea, we figured we’d need to make a quick run.  But then comes a call asking if they could pick up anything while at the store…PERFECT TIMING! That’s a time saver for us and we know we’ve got something going now. By the end of the night everyone was fed, full and we even had enough to make to go plates in the span of just a few hours.

    How would you have handled pulling together a last minute party? Share your tricks and tips with others in the comment section to add to our skills set!

    Grocery Store Policies

    I recently became a member of SavvyDollar.Org and visit their forums several times a day. One of the biggest gripes you will see from those who post is that each store’s individual location can have their own policy. So as not to be caught off guard, make sure you are familiar with your favorite store’s rules.

    Recently we requested a post of these policies that site users could review. Dan agreed to making a sticky post if I would gather the information. While compiling this list we found out some really interesting things that we weren’t aware of, for example…

    • Harris Teeter proudly displays that they provide funds to local schools when you link it to your card. But Food Lion allows you to link up with both schools AND charities in your community.
    • Lowes Foods accepts local supermarket or supercenter competitor’s circular or direct mail coupons for dollars off the entire order. (examples include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Kroger, Super Target, Super K-Mart, Wal-mart).
    • Digital coupons can now be loaded directly onto your Kroger card – No clipping necessary.

    Please take time to review the Grocery Store Policies for the above mentioned stores on the Savvy Dollar site. It is full of valuable information on coupons, baby stuff, finances, recipes drug and big box stores.  Most importantly it is a community of folks who really know their stuff! Coupon swapping with this group of avid deal seekers is highly recommended!

    Harris Teeter E-Vic Offer

    The advertised e-VIC wasn’t so great this week – a pound of HT butter for $1.77 (non members pay $1.97).  But don’t forget about the  unadvertised specials that are posted in the store or that appear on your receipt AFTER you’ve finished shopping!  So how do you find out all of the savings offered to you in advance? Just go over to Customer Service before you start shopping and have them scan your e-VIC card. Viola! Now you have a printed ticket with each item tailored to you listed.

    I was offered the following five items to choose from…

    • Both their Fresh Foods Market brewed tea or home made lemonade are only $1.99 (reg.$3.99) This purchase should also count towards your fresh food rewards points. 
    • Smart Balance Sour cream .99 (limit 1)
    • HT Cream of Chicken, Mushroom or Celery Soups are .69 (limit 2)
    • Kellogg’s Pop Tarts – 8ct. is $1.47 (limit 1)

    HT Disclaimer:  The special offers listed are targeted specifically to your VIC household as a valued e-VIC member and are not transferable.

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