Charities We Support

Raise your hand if you already take part in charitable giving. This page is for charities that we have personally supported and trust. Such as March of Dimes, Food Bank of North Carolina, United Way,Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro, After Gateway Inc.,Paws Cause Thrift Store, Kids Food Basket of Grand Rapids, and Guardian Angels Thrift Store. There are many more that we have been involved in and we plan to feature them in the future.

Please note, we are NOT saying that there aren’t many other great organizations out there, but these are the ones that we have had the opportunity to work with them by making donations or by getting hands on, elbow grease related in working with them through our jobs or just for personal reasons.

If you’d like to donate to keep our site and running, you may click on the following PayPal button for a secure donation. Thank you in advance!

If you have a favorite charity that you’d like to see featured, then please send us an email with some info on them and what interaction you’ve had with them yourself. Thanks, and remember…


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